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PetLFG ($LICK) is a Multichain Meme token dedicated to our lovely pets. This project is fun, adorable and will make every $LICK holder’s heart melt!


The current global pet market industry is valued at over $280 billion dollars! PetLFG $LICK aims to bring crypto adoption to this massive industry with many amazing utilities and fun games!

PetLFG ($LICK) envisions a world where the boundless love and joy that pets bring are seamlessly integrated with the crypto universe. As a pioneering project at the intersection of the global pet industry and blockchain technology, $LICK aims to create a vibrant and inclusive community. By harnessing the power of memes, blockchain, and a strong sense of camaraderie, PetLFG aspires to unite pet enthusiasts, crypto lovers, and creative minds. Through simple tokenomics, secure liquidity mechanisms, and exciting NFT developments, PetLFG strives to cultivate a lasting ecosystem where the love for pets is celebrated, shared, and elevated to new heights in the realm of cryptocurrency.

In time we’ll have staking, buybacks, and many other amazing utilities like listings on exchanges, Coinbase, Binance, Kucoin, Cwallet, and lending platforms like Coin Rabbit, and



1 Billion $LICK tokens

Liquidity Lock

90% of the tokens are supplied to liquidity and locked for 1 year with Team Finance


5 % of the supply is reserved for future exchange listings


5 % of the supply is reserved for future multichain, operations, and development of NFT collection


Community Goals

$LICK Marketcap

50K Marketcap
100K Marketcap

500K Marketcap
1M Marketcap
10M Marketcap
100M Marketcap
1B Marketcap

$LICK Holders

100 Holders ✅
200 Holders ✅
500 Holders
1,000 Holders
3,000 Holders
5,000 Holders
10,000 Holders
50,000 Holders

Phase 1

Token Launch ✅
Website & Whitepaper ✅
CoinMarketCap Listing ✅
Cwallet Listing ✅
Multichain: ✅
– Polygon
– Arbitrum
– Avalanche
– Fantom

– Base
Partnership Chainport ✅
Biggest Buy Competitions ✅

ETHChicago Event
Community Events
Coingecko Listing

Phase 2

Pet Boxes Launch
Box Release Phase
IRL Games
More Utilities
Additional Partnerships
Biggest Buy Competitions
Community Events
Global Marketing
CEX Listings

Phase 3

Lending Platform
Web3 Games
VIP Community Event
More Utilities & Partnerships
Biggest Buy Competitions
Community Events
Global Marketing
CEX Listings


NFT Collection Coming Soon!

PetLFG $LICK will have a fun gamification NFT collection, where $LICK tokens will be required to mint the Pet Boxes! Later after minting these pet boxes there will be a pet freeing process! Once pets are freed they will open into a limited unique collection of PetLFG NFTs that offer different perks and amazing rewards! These PetLFG NFTs will also be available to be used in a exciting web3 racing game similar to Mario kart. Community members will enjoy the additional option to use these PetLFG NFTs to get discounts at partnered pet services business like Wag, Rover, and pet stores! Some PetLFG NFT holders will be rewarded twitter affiliate status for holding the PetLFG NFT as their twitter PFP, as we plan on updating the PetLFG X account to a Verified Organization!

Here is a sneak-peak of what you can expect: